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    Ghost at School Episodes in Hindi (New)

    Plot - Ghost Stories also known as Ghosts at School, is a 20-episode anime series created in 2000 by animation studio Pierrot and Aniplex for Fuji Television, based on a book series by Tōru Tsunemitsu.

    Episode 1 - "Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku"

    Episode 2 - "A Hand Reaches Out of the Toilet... Akagami Aogami"

    Episode 3 - "Raise the Curtains! The Cursed School Arts Festival! Kutabe"

    Episode 4 - "Requiem from the Dead – Elise"

    Episode 5 - "The Bloody Sports Festival – Datto!!"

    Episode 6 - "The Demon's Hand Splits the Door – Night of Tragedy"

    Episode 7 - "The Soul-Stealing Mirror!! Utsushimi"

    Episode 8 - "The Circuit Connects to Hell – Demon of the Underworld"

    Episode 9 - "The Corpse that Roams in the Night – Shirotabi"

    Episode 10 - "The Tunnel with No Exit – Anamaneki"

    Episode 11 - "The Talking Merry Doll!! Shadow of Terror"

    Episode 12- "The Nurse Who Tells Your Death – Mother's Feelings"

    Episode 13 - "The Picture that Swallows People – Da Vinci"

    Episode 14 - "The Life-Taking Psychic Photo – Railway Crossing of Evil"

    Episode 15 - "The Devil's Spell – Rite of Darkness"

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    1. pls upload more episodes

    2. upload more episodes

    3. ya plz upload more

    4. ok it will upload soon.......until enjoy other stuff

    5. iam a bigggggggg fan of this show.pleasss upload more episodes

    6. In the last episode of Ghost at School, Amano Jako comes out of Kaya's body at fights with a ghost but he can never go back in Kaya's body now. Very emotional episode.Must SEE!!!!!!

      1. yes i also see that episode in the last they think amano jako return to the cat body but it do not return and all ghosts were dissapeared and his moms diary was also blank very emotional episode that was...........

    7. If you have that episode please upload it, which is being suggested by nimish more ......

    8. hey from episode 2 all links are not working plzz fix fast!!!!!!!!!!! i am dying to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. ok i will try my best to update them as soon as possible

      1. please upload episode 16,17,18,19,20

    10. Plz more episodes I wanted the year 2012 3 years from now I want them I nearly cry because of not seeing them now its a great pleasure to see them now but not 5 then also great work man and plz upload more plz plz :,-( plz man plz......

    11. please upload episode 16,17,18,19,20

    12. either remove these episodes or add some new episodes

    13. No links are working

    14. Please Upload Episode 16,17,18,19,20 Please

    15. 16 "The Apartment That Eats People! Nest of Evil Spirits"

      17 "Terror at Bloodstain Lake!! Apparition in the Snow"

      18 "Akane-san of the Broadcasting Room!! Voice of the Dead"

      19 "The Headless Horsemen!! Curse of Death[note 1]

      20 "Farewell, Amanojaku – The Descent of Ohma"


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    Item Reviewed: Ghost at School Episodes in Hindi (New) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Champ Jayesh
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