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    Saturday, 21 May 2016

    2112 : The Birth of Doraemon in Hindi Dubbed [First on Net] [Anime Network India Exclusive]

    Anime Network India is Bringing you a very special stuff and most demanded movie 2112 : The Birth of Doraemon in Hindi Dubbed as a re-brand special of Anime Network India.

    The date is September 3, 2112. Doraemon, a robot cat with initially a yellow body in addition to much higher voice and ears, is manufactured at the Matsushiba Robot Factory. During Doraemon's manufacturing process, there are two terrorists escaping from Japanese police by teleporting. This causes the electricity supply of Robot Factory to short circuit. While Doraemon is in the process of assembling, the electricity beams to Doraemon and makes him fall into the industrial garbage. Luckily, doramyako, a female robotic cat, saves him from a blast furnace.Principal Teraodai sends Doraemon to training school to become the best robot cat into the classroom made for special robots.Here Doraemon again meets the robot cat Noramyako.Two of the classmates,having personalities same as that of Gian and Suneo.They try to snatch the Doraemon's pocket but Noramyako again saves him.Then Doraemon trains together with the same prototype of robot to be the best robotic cat. On the graduation day all the robots gave their representations including Noramyako,Jaibee as well as Kenta,Doraemon's turn came.It is a pity that he is not good at practices and tests because the accident in the production made his many features malfunctioned.But at last he accidentally gets selected by a small baby named as Sewashi.As the Sewashi grows,he and Doraemon quickly became friends.One day when Sewashi was drawing Doraemon,he ordered the robotic mouse to eat the ears of the Doraemon in three dimensional drawing.But mouse actually eats the ears of real Doraemon which caused him the fear of mice.In the hospital the doctor robots completely remove the Doraemon's ears.When Noramyako sees this she laughed at him which makes Doraemon sad. He try to use the warm up gadget but accidentally uses to sad gadget which cause him to weep due to which his skin colour fades out and he becomes blue-coloured robot. After few day,Doraemon's sister comes to him and tells him that Sewashi misses him.To meet Sewashi,Doraemon again use warm up gadget but makes mistake and use speed up gadget which caused him to move fast over the water waves. On the other side,time patrol criminals appear on the scene,this time being chased by time patrol.They took off Sewashi and threatened the patrol to damage the kid if they chased them.Doraemon appears on the scene,moving fastly,bumps into the exhauster of plane which caused the plane to stop and criminals to be caught. On the occasion of Christmas,Doraemon is awarded another pocket as he lost the first one and Mini-Doras are created. Sewashi sends Doraemon to the past of his grandfather Nobita to improve his life standard.

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