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    Monday, 16 November 2015

    [Disney XD] Infinity Nado Episodes Hindi Episodes

    Infinity Nado

    About Anime - Infinity Nado is an animation series that explores the story of a mysterious phenomenon which happened 15 years ago. Somewhere on the planet Earth, a gyro-type tower suddenly falls from the sky, along with 20 Infinity Nado players inside. Upon descent, the Infinity Nado players had gathered together to form an Infinity Nado town. The story will follow the adventure of four Infinity Nado players: Jin owner of the Wind Elf, Dawn owner of the Fire Elf, Davis owner of the Earth Elf and Cecilia owner of the Water Elf. With their special and powerful skills and Nados, they formed a "balanced", "offensive", "persistent" and "defensive" super-powerful team.

    As the plot thickens, the four youths finally sneak into the Infinity Nado tower to challenge the top players. Along the way they also discover the dark and evil plan of the other Infinity Nado players which is to reform the planet Earth and destroy mankind.

    For justice and peace, Jin, Dawn, Davis and Cecilia enter the center of the tower to stop its rotation and eventually defeat the wicked Infinity Nado players.

     Watch All Episodes in Hindi And Good Quality :-

    Episode 01 - "Whistlingly Fighting Spinning Top!"

    Hindi Title - Jin Aur Wind Power! 

    Click Here to Watch -  


    Episode 02 - "Flaming Spirit Power" 

    Hindi Title - Nado ki Special Power


    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 03 - "Strikingly Aggressive Attacks!"

    Hindi Title - Zordaar Akramak Hamla!


    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 04 - "The Combination of Tornado and Flame"

    Hindi Title -  Tornado Aur Fire Power ka Combination!

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 05 - "A Trip to The Hot Desert"

    Hindi Title - Tapte Registaan ka Safar! 

    Click Here to Watch - 

    Episode 06 - "Special Training for Controlling The Spirits"

    Hindi Title - Special Powers ko Kabu karne ki Training!

    Click Here to Watch - 

    Episode 07 - "The Exciting Spinning Contest" 

    Hindi Title - Nado Player Contest Shuru!

    Click Here to Watch -


    Episode 08 - "The Enormous Black Hole"

    Hindi Title - Mountain Baby Ka Secret !

    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 09 - "Tender Blazing"

    Hindi Title - Dawn Aur Uska Secret !


    Click Here to Watch - 

    Episode 10 - "The Bond Between Fighting Spinning Tops"

    Hindi Title - Nado Ka Zabardast Muqabla! 

    Click Here to Watch - 

    Episode 11 - "The Outbreak of the Sun's Power"

    Hindi Title - Kaun Khelega Final Mein

    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 12 - "The Fight Among Top Three"

    Hindi Title - Teen Best Nado Players Ka Muqaabla!

    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 13 - "The Fight over the Just's Spinning Top"

    Hindi Title - Kaun Jeetega Dashing Fist Nado 

    Click Here to Watch - 


    Episode 14 -  "The Protection of Dashing Fist"

    Hindi Title - Dashing Fist ko Bachana hai!

    Click Here to Watch -


    Episode 15 -  "The Fight Against The Dark Force (One)"

    Hindi Title - Kaali Shaktiyon ke Khilaaf Jang (Part One)

     Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 16 -  "The Fight Against The Dark Force (Two)"

    Hindi Title - Aitihasik Jang

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 17 -  "The Waking of The Just"

    Hindi Title - Insaaf ka Punar-Janam

     Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 18 -  "The Story of the Just Spinning Top"

    Hindi Title -  Justice Nado ki Kahani

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 19 -  "Dropping in The Vortex of Fate"

    Hindi Title -  Yeh Kahani Hai Justice ki

     Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 20 -  "The Precious Friendship"

    Hindi Title - Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge

     Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 21 -  "The Challenge in The Hurricane Tower"

    Hindi Title - Typhoon Tower Ki Chunauti

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 22 -  "The Sectet of The Ring of Dashing Fist"

    Hindi Title - Justice Ke Attack Ring Ka Rahasya

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 23 -  "A Miracle of Assembling"

    Hindi Title - Nado Ko Jodneka Asli Tarika

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 24 -  "Judgment, The Pacificator of the Universe"

    Hindi Title - Aaj Hoga Faisla Kaun Jeetega Kaun Harega

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 25 -  "The Sickle of Death"

    Hindi Title - Bas Ek Aur Padhav Baki Hai 

    Click Here to Watch -

    Episode 26 -  "Competition with Light"

    Hindi Title - Jeet Abhi Door Nahi 

     Click Here to Watch -

    More Coming Soon!!

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