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    Saturday, 12 September 2015

    Madan Senki Ryukendo Episodes in Hindi Dubbed

      Akebono City is a peaceful community overflowing with humanity. Since there was a Power Spot that released magical power in the community, the people were distressed by the threat of the demon army Jamanga who are gathering Minus Energy from the frightened masses for a sinister purpose. The secret organization SHOT was formed to protect the people of the community from the Jamanga, concealing their existence as ordinary members of the Akebono Police Station, which considers demons beyond their jurisdiction. Kenji Narukami, a student of the Narukami Dragon God Style  for fighting demons, arrives to Akebono to fight the demons, eventually getting his wish when he is transformed to Ryukendo and faces off against Jamanga's forces together with his friends in order to restore peace in the community. 

    Theme Song [Hindi] - Click Here

    Episode 30 - "Tunnel of Perplexity"


    Episode 31 - "The Akebono Great Incident!"


     Episode 32 - "Shiranami, you Laughed"

    Episode 33 - "Trinity! Ryujinou's New Power"

     Episode 34 - "The World's Largest Umbrella"

    Episode 35 - "Targeted Akebono Stage"


    Episode 45 - "All Jamanga Appear! Superior Maneuver"


    Episode 46 - "The Fourth Target"

    Episode 47 - "The Mysterious Dragon Warrior"


    Episode 48 - "Ultimate Armament! Ultimate Ryukendo!" 

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    1. Thanks ANI! This Is My Favourite Show Yeh Aur Kisi Bhi Site Par Nahi Hai Only On Your Site So Please Add Full Season All Episodes.... #Thanks

    2. Keep Uploading My Favorite SHOW!!!!!!!!!!


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