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    Sunday, 1 March 2015

    Pokemon Black & White Episode 20 "Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!!' in Hindi [HD]

    About Episode - During a lunch break on their way to Castelia City, our heroes are shocked when the ground suddenly falls out from under Ash and Pikachu, sending them sliding through a long underground tunnel! At the end of the wild ride, Ash and Pikachu once again come face to face with an old friend, the Sandile who wears sunglasses. It appears that Sandile has traveled a long way to challenge Pikachu to a rematch!

    Their battle is quickly interrupted by a mischievous Ducklett who wanders out of the bushes. It turns out this Ducklett is part of a thieving trio, and one by one, they steal Cilan’s serving dome, then Sandile’s sunglasses, and finally Ash’s hat! Retrieving these items proves to be a formidable task, as the three Ducklett have some tricks up their feathery sleeves!

    Sandile and Pikachu team up to take on the three Ducklett. During the fray, Pikachu learns a new move—Electro Ball! The powerful zap sends the thieves on their way, and our heroes are able to retrieve their stolen items.

    Sandile and Pikachu get back to their original plan and resume their battle—which ends with Sandile evolving into Krokorok right before Pikachu’s Electro Ball sends it flying! Ash plans for another rematch next time they meet Krokorok, and our heroes resume their much-sidetracked journey toward Castelia City and Ash’s next Gym battle!

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