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    Wednesday, 25 November 2015

    Digimon Data Squad Episodes in Hindi Dubbed

    Plot - Masaru, a second year Junior High student and undefeated street-fighter, is about to learn the meaning of the word "teamwork." After Agumon escapes DATS, an organization that deals with Digimon, it winds up in a fight with Masaru. Soon Yoshino and Lalamon come to capture Agumon, and the two fighters escape. After an evil Digimon appears, it's up to Masaru and Agumon to defeat it with their DNA Charge.

    Soon, Masaru must join DATS to put an end to the Digimon coming to Earth. With the help of Yoshino, Ikuto, and Touma, the group must stop any evil Digimon that appear, and return them to the Digital World.

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    Episode 01 - "There are Monsters Among us!"


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    Episode 20 - "The Crier Family Reunion"


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    1. Nc Ani........Thnx A Lot!!
      Plz Upload More Episodes

    2. Can You Add All Episodes Plzz Tell ME

    3. Can U Add All Episodes Plzz Reply

    4. plz upload more episods please

    5. please upload Digimon Data Squad Episodes in Hindi Dubbed
      full plz plz


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