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    Friday, 18 July 2014

    Pokemon Black And White Episode 47 - "Crisis From The Underground Up" in Hindi (New) (Exclusive)

    About Episode - The gang has finally arrived in Nimbasa City after a long and hard journey. Everyone agrees to go to the Pokémon Center but Ash wants a Gym Battle right away, until his stomach growls. Cilan, being very excited, asks the gang to lead the way. They head to a subway station where Cilan claims he is a Metro Sommelier.  Suddenly the emergency brakes kick in on the train as a ghost train passes the train they are in. Suddenly the Subway Masters, Emmet and Ingo appear on the train and get it going again. They resume the ride to Nimbasa Central. Cilan begins to get angry at the people driving the ghost train and once again, Meowth drags him away.When the Subway Masters regain control of the sensors, they notice a train heading for the junction and realize it is Team Rocket as they drive right past them. They claim they can track their location at all times, but as soon as Team Rocket passes the point, the trains showing up in the system begin to multiply. 

    Full Episode in Hindi -

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