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    Friday, 16 May 2014

    Pokemon Black & White Episode 2 "Enter Iris & Axew' in Hindi [HD]

    About Episode - After the strange black cloud appears again, Pikachu's Electric moves are restored. Professor Juniper gives Ash a new Pokédex and Poké Balls so he can begin his journey in Unova. On his way, he comes across Iris and her Axew. When Team Rocket appears and tries to steal Pikachu and Axew, Ash tries to use his newly caught Pidove against Jessie and her new Woobat, though Pidove is overpowered; however, an Oshawott (the one from Juniper's lab) appears and saves Pikachu and Axew. Ash and Iris take Pokémon to a Pokémon Center, where Iris decides to travel with Ash and Pikachu through Unova, as she knows her way around the region. As the two head off, Oshawott watches from afar.

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