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    Sunday, 4 May 2014

    Digimon Xros Wars Season 2 Episode 7 "Brother, Why!? The Nightmarish Enemy, General Yuu" in Hindi

    About Episode - Having heard from Kiriha that he saw a boy who resembled her younger brother, Nene is eager to search for Yuu, only to find him and learn that he has been willingly helping DarkKnightmon the entire time. Yuu and Tuwarmon then take their leave when Taiki and the others come to her aid, with Nene chasing after her brother. However, Yuu summons Doumon to cast a spell on Nene, giving her the delusion of being back in the human world. Tuwarmon whom about to kill Nene was stopped by Mervamon, who emerged from Nene's Xros Loader. Taiki and Kiriha then discovered Nene's exact location and break the illusion as DarkKnightmon appears with Lilithmon (who later been DigiXros with Blastmon and the Vilemon as Gattai Lilithmon by Yuu using his Darkness Loader). A chaotic fight soon follows with Doumon destroyed as Yuu DigiXros Tuwarmon onto DarkKnightmon for the latter to become MusouKnightmon. OmegaShoutmon and ZeekGreymon are fight in retaliation and the three Digimons' power causes a big bang. As DarkKnightmon and his group depart, Nene makes up her mind to get Yuu back at any cost. 

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    1. Awesome!! Nice dubbed Truly Digital Audio, I already watch that Episode in toon Netwok india... but his audio is too crapy and many scenes have no audio and some times audio is automatically speed up...

      But this version is truly Awesome their is no time on video and even Quality is great..

      Plz upload all rest... and plz upgrade season -01, Video and audio is tooo bad of season 01... Plz make your all uploads like this one..

      Any way thanx..
      I hope you continue whole season...


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    Item Reviewed: Digimon Xros Wars Season 2 Episode 7 "Brother, Why!? The Nightmarish Enemy, General Yuu" in Hindi Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Champ Jayesh
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