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    Sunday, 30 March 2014

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 15 " Heaven Zone, The Trap of Paradise! " in Hindi

    Click Here to Watch it - Full Episode

    After being sent through a portal created by Lalyamon, the Fusion Fighters arrive to a floating city-type zone and are amazed by their surroundings. Accidentally falling off a ledge, Mikey is saved by Shakkoumon who warns the Fusion Fighters not to be fooled by appearances in the Sky Zone. At that time, Dondokomon's attempt to play alongside a Pucchiemon orchestra gets him in trouble with a Piximon police officer whose rant of the numerous laws the Fusions Fighters had unknowingly broke attracts the attention of his superior Gargolyemon. Luckily, the Fusion Fighters get help from a resident named Lucemon who takes the punishment in their stead. After the argument is resolved, Lucemon tells Mikey and his group that Gargoylemon is a member of the police under SlushAngemon who is the zone's president. Though he explains that SlushAngemon has ensure none of the Bagra Army would attack the Sky Zone, allowing his fellow residents to live a peaceful and artistic life. But due to SlushAngemon's methods of maintaining order, Lucemon reveals his intent to become president to remove the harsh laws that have placed everyone in fear. Taking them on a balloon tour while explaining that Shakkoumon is not one to be trusted, Lucemon brings the Fusion Fighters to an art gallery where it appeared Dondokomon knocks down a sculpture. Gargoylemon arrives and arrests Dondokomon for the act of vandalism, along with Mikey and Shoutmon for obstructing justice. While being interrogated, Mikey knows that finding the real culprit is the only way to clear their names as he and the others are freed by their team mates. However, the Fusion Fighters are knocked out by SlushAngemon and prepared to be executed the next day. In the arena, Lucemon attempts to denounce SlushAngemon's justice system as a Kyupimon confesses that he accidentally broke the statue while playing. With Kyupimon now being executed in their place, Mikey refuses to allow it as he forms Shoutmon ×4 to fight SlushAngemon. However, Shoutmon ×4 is overwhelmed by SlushAngemon's speed until Beelzemon arrives and tells Mikey to DigiFuse him with Shoutmon to create Shoutmon ×4B. Though Shoutmon ×4B gets the upper hand against SlushAngemon, Mikey stops him from finishing their opponent off as Lucemon's words to SlushAngemon to spare Kyupimon's life gain the crowd's support to become the Sky Zone's new leader with Shakkoumon watching from afar.

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