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    Sunday, 26 May 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 18 "Stingmon, the Great Digimon Forest's Hero" in Hindi

    While traveling to the next zone, Xros Heart end up falling from the skies into the Forest Zone. Beelzebumon, Akari and Zenjirō has split fron Taiki and his remaining team members after the fall. Taiki then looks for Akari and Zenjirō by sending Dorulumon and Deputymon to perform the task. Akari's side encounter with Stingmon who launches an attacks on them but stopped by Lilamon and later reveal themselves as the guardians of the Forest Zone's deity that sleeps within a sacred temple. Just then, Taiki find themselves surrounded by Kongoumon and his army of MegaKabuterimon. He then DigiXros Shoutmon into Shoutmon ×2 and brings out Knightmon and the PawnChessmon to fight their rival with Tactimon arrives. Dorulumon and Deputymon are managed to locate Zenjirō and Akari and Beelzebumon follows them, leaving Zenjirō and Akari behind which later they encountered with Kiriha and Nene. Shoutmon ×2 ends up pinned down by Tactimon but with Beelzebumon arrives, Taiki DigiXros Shoutmon into Shoutmon ×4B to fight with Tactimon. Shoutmon ×4B ends up obliterating the MegaKabuterimon army after Tactimon withdraws himself during the battle. With Stingmon and Lilamon defeated, Nene demands Kiriha to have MetalGreymon torture them for information on the legendary Digimon, but Kiriha refuses insisting that he only lives to fight those who are the strongest. Upon hearing their conversation, DarkKnightmon emerges from Nene's Xros Loader and ends up fighting MetalGreymon until Taiki arrives with Shoutmon ×4B to stop the fight. Just then, light was sent out by the legendary Digimon from the nearby sacred temple, dragging Stingmon into it which then follows by Nene and DarkKnightmon.

    Click Here to Watch it.

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