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    Sunday, 21 April 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 9 "Dorulumon, Run Like the Wind!" in Hindi


    Tactimon explains that Dorulumon was his most clever warrior until he deserted the Bagura Empire. When Taiki says that he still trusts Dorulumon, Tactimon splits the ground with his attack and separates Taiki and Dorulumon from the others, sentencing them to death. Just as Taiki and Dorulumon are about to be burned alive by the Meramon, Kiriha arrives and fights Tactimon whilst the others Xros Heart members free Taiki and Dorulumon with the help of BlueMeramon, who explains Dorulumon once saved him from being sacrificed by Tactimon. They find Taiki's Xros Loader but are attacked by SkullMeramon, with BlueMeramon being killed protecting them from his attack. After Shoutmon defeats SkullMeramon, Xros Heart then confronts AncientVolcamon and the Meramon army. AncientVolcamon absorbs the defeated Meramon to become Fused AncientVolcamon, but Taiki counters his attack with Garurumon's DigiMemory. Taiki DigiXros Dorulumon with Shoutmon to form the Dorulu Cannon to attack AncientVolcamon, before finishing him off with Shoutmon ×3. Meanwhile, Kiriha retreats from his battle with Tactimon. Dorulumon finally agrees to join Xros Heart, and the Magma Zone's Code Crown appears and is claimed by Taiki as they set off for the next zone.

    Click here to watch 
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