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    Saturday, 27 April 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 12 "Sand Zone, A Great Adventure in the Ruins!" in Hindi


    While traveling through the portal to the next Zone, Xros Heart notices land masses floating around. Jijimon emerges and tells them that they represent each of the Digital World's Zones and how each one came to be. Xros Heart then arrives in the Sand Zone and later attacked by SkullScorpiomon. Escaping from SkullScorpiomon attack, the Xros Heart instead encounter with Blastmon. The Xros Heart ends up surrounded by a bunch of SkullScorpiomon and Blastmon. They are then rescued by Deputymon . Soon, they managed to lurk through a tunnel with Akari's kiss opening the gateway, unaware that the SkullScorpiomon army is nearby. They run into the first trap with a rolling BigMamemon that Xros Heart managed to evade. Xros Heart then crosses a bridge when Blastmon's group catches up. Taiki activates the MagnaAngemon DigiMemory, using the Gate of Destiny to send both Blastmon and his armies out of the cavern as the group make it into the Tomb of Pharaohmon. Pharaohmon emerges from his sarcophagus, with Shoutmon ×4 formed to fight him. However, Taiki ends up figuring out that Pharaohmon is a spirit as Deputymon then gives the boy the Sand Zone's Code Crown and four new DigiMemories. Meanwhile, after emerging, Blastmon is lured toward Nene by Sparrowmon, fighting the latter as both he and Nene learn from their respective that Xros Heart has the Sand Zone Code Crown. Blastmon is angered by this when he is suddenly attacked by Kiriha and MailBirdramon, with Kiriha summoning Cyberdramon to battle Blastmon as Baalmon watches from afar.

    Click here to watch 
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