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    Thursday, 28 March 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 4"Island Zone, Upheaval!" in Hindi


    Nene introduces herself to Xros Heart and tells them about the Code Crown, which is proof of ownership of a zone. She teaches Taiki how to transfer to another Zone. At the Island Zone, they save an Archelomon from a group of Gizamon searching for the Zone's Code Crown. After recognizing Jijimon, Archelomon says that the Code Crown is in a place that is very difficult to get to. The Bagra Army's general Neptunmon learns of Xros Heart's presence from one of the Gizamon and receives orders from Tactimon to stop them. As Xros Heart gather offerings for a festival, which is the key to finding the Crown Code, Neptunmon navy shows up. While Archelomon keeps ChibiKamemon and his companions hidden, Xros Heart heads underwater to infiltrate the Mantaraymon fleet and destroy them from within. When Neptunmon gets word of this, he unleashes Octomon, who destroys the hijacked Mantaraymon and tries to drown everyone. ChibiKamemon rushes out to help, revealing Archelomon's location to enemy spies. ChibiKamemon catches up to Shoutmon ×2 and has Taiki DigiXros him with Shoutmon ×2, which allows everyone to breathe underwater and gives them the skill to defeat Octomon. Meanwhile, Neptunmon's troops manage to capture Archelomon.

    Click here to watch the 1st part
    Click here to watch the 2nd part
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