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    Wednesday, 27 March 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 3 "Rival Kiriha, Appear!" in Hindi


    Lilithmon, Tactimon, and Blastmon, meet with Bagramon to discuss their current problem with the humans after a brief interruption by Baalmon. Later, a bunch of giant bamboo shoots rise from the ground surrounding the Village of Smiles, the work of a Bagra Army's Drimogemon. Zenjirō gets caught on top of one of the shoots. Taiki and his group are approached by Kiriha, who wants Taiki to become his subordinate, and attacks them with MailBirdramon. After overpowering them, Kiriha departs just as MadLeomon attacks with several Apemon and a Pteramon. Upon confronting Shoutmon ×2, MadLeomon absorbs the Apemon to become MadLeomon Final Mode. Cutemon and Dorulumon appear to aid Shoutmon ×2 in the fight, whilst Zenjirō uses the Star Sword to destroy Drimogumon and remove the bamboo shoots. Furious, MadLeomon initiates a self-destruct sequence. Remembering his dream, Taiki DigiXrosses Dorulumon with Shoutmon and Ballistamon to form Shoutmon ×3, who destroys MadLeomon for good. As Dorulumon and Cutemon leave, a microchip descends from his remains and the group is approached by a girl named Nene Amano.

    Click here to watch the 1st part
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    1. Me Audio Nahi Churata Varna ye epi. mere blog per full episode kaha se aya Mere Blog per dekho yE epi. full hai (I am Admin OF WatchHDAnimesHindi.Blogspot.in)

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    5. Han me manta hu ki ben 10 k cukh epi tumare blog se liye hai sare epi k audios nahi churata

    6. Toonsinhindi wale ko kya nahi kehte ??
      Mere pas showdown part 1 kaha se aya slugterra kahase aya Ben 10 omnivers vilgex must crook kaha se aya bolo bolo

    7. toonshinfi walo ko ishliye nahi kehta kyuki wo seedha humari link daal kar humara advertisment hi kar rahe hai aur tum audio chura ke aur jyada apne originals mujhe mat ginwaao .......nahi tu mai ginwaane laga ki tumne kitne churaye hai tu mushkil mai pad jaoge ......aur ha mai ye nahi keh raha ki tumhare blog jo kuch hai wo mujhse churaya par ish baat ko bhi jhootla nahi sakte ki tumne mujhse bhi chori kiye hai

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      Esa karta hu jo audios mene liye hai us ki HD links Tume Bhi Dunga Thik Hai??


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