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    Sunday, 24 March 2013

    Digimon Xros Wars Episode 2 "Shoutmon, Roar!" in Hindi


    Taiki and his friends encounter Jijimon, who tells them about the Bagra Army. After Taiki, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon take out a Pteramon that was bombing a village, Akari briefly encounters Cutemon and Dorulumon. Elsewhere, Kiriha Aonuma, another boy with a Xros Loader, eliminates some of MadLeomon's troops with his Digimon, Greymon and MailBirdramon. Shoutmon gets upset when Taiki, Akari and Zenjirō talk about returning to the human world, which would ruin his dream of becoming Digimon King. As Taiki, Akari and Zenjirō depart without Shoutmon and the others, MadLeomon unleashes Orochimon, who corners them. Shoutmon and Ballistamon come to their rescue and MadLeomon absorbs Orochimon to become MadLeomon Orochi Mode. When Taiki hears that Shoutmon wants to become king in order to protect his village, he DigiXros Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon ×2, who defeats Orochi Mode. MadLeomon retreats.

    Click here to watch the episode
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