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    Sunday, 24 February 2013

    Ben 10 Omniverse Season 2 Episode 9 "Store 23" in Hindi


    Following Ben helping Grandpa Max defeat Liam, Ben takes Blukic and Driba to look for the 23rd Mr. Smoothy restaurant. After Ben, Blukic, and Driba enter the 23rd Mr. Smoothy restaurant that keeps disappearing, they find it run by Professor Blarney T. Hokestar who is using a dimensional device to move the restaurant to different dimensions. In one dimension, Ben meets an alternate version of himself who names his aliens differently and has lost his Grandpa Max. Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Feedback (16 year old Ben), Upchuck (16 year old Ben, Omniverse debut) Dimension 23 Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Freezelizard (Alternate Version of Articguana), Rollaway (Alternate Version of Cannonbolt), Electric Yeti (Alternate Version of Shocksquatch) Cameo appearances: 2 aliens resembling Cow and Chicken from the show "Cow and Chicken" makes a cameo appearance as aliens from another dimension

    Click here to watch the episode
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