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    Wednesday, 22 May 2013

    Thundercats Yr.2011 Episode 23 and 24 in Hindi


    On their way back to Dog City to meet with the ThunderKittens and Snarf, the five adult ThunderCats stay in the middle of a forest - thinking about their next move while Mumm-Ra spies on them using his scrying pool. Cheetara asks Panthro and Tygra where Lion-O and Pumyra are to which Panthro replies the two are out gathering firewood, with Tygra tossing an insult towards his brother and Cheetara, saying Lion-O is "just setting himself up to be shot down again" and Cheetara expressing that she doesn't find Pumyra to be very "nice." At the same time, Pumyra helps a baby winged frog that had fallen out of its nest while Lion-O has trouble expressing his feelings for Pumyra and accidentally gives her a flower which she has a terrible allergic reaction too. Later, the team meets a Wolo (now pronounced "wallow") named Ponzi who gives them a "miracle elixir" that he promises will solve all their problems, including Pumyra's swollen head. After Ponzi leaves, the ThunderCats are attacked by the demonic dinosaur Sycorax which Mumm-Ra had resurrected to serve as his vessel. When he attacks them, Lion-O accidentally breaks the bottle of elixir, which temporarily disables Mumm-Ra's vessel. Realizing its potential, the five chase after Ponzi to get more. However, as the Wollo thought they are disatisified customers out for revenge like others he scammed earlier, Ponzi inadvertently crashes his cart in an escape attempt with his entire supply destroyed in the process. The team agrees to help him make more, which will require the leaves of the rare Caracara Tree. At camp, Lion-O tries to get Pumyra to notice him by using a "love potion" Ponzi gave him. Tygra drinks it instead of Pumyra, causing him to temporarily act loopy and drugged only towards other male characters. Reaching their destination the next morning, the team proceeds to strip the Caracara Tree of its leaves for Ponzi to produce his elixir in the distiller. But complications arise when Ponzi's caterpillar-like pet, Lucy, devours all the leaves and begins to cocoon herself to the tree after she's yelled at by her owner. This in turn forces the team to face Sycorax/Mumm-Ra on their own once again while Ponzi attempts to use the last leaf in hopes it would be enough. During the fight, Lion-O saves Pumyra and, impressed with his combat skills, she thanks him by kissing his cheek. The elixir turns out to be a "bad batch" as Ponzi calls it and the fight goes Mumm-Ra's way until Lucy emerges from her cocoon in her adult form which resembles a Pokemon-style Mothra, and is able to crystalize the Sycorax due to the leaves she ingested. The Sycorax then shatteres as Mumm-Ra's raven form emerges from its remains and flies off. As the episode closes, Ponzi thanks the ThunderCats but declines their offer to travel together. Tygra recovers from the effects of the love potion and all ends well...for now. Episode 24-After making it back to the City of Dogs, Panthro is wondering why the Book of Omens is pointing to the sky. Lion-O runs into Jorma who had survived the attack on Thundera and has made it home. Upon studying the book, Jorma concludes that one of the stones the ThunderCats are after is somewhere in the sky. While exploring a secret scrap pile where new scrap metal falls from the sky, Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, and Jorma are attacked by Necromech robots which end up stealing the Book of Omens. Jorma lends Flicker, a mini-bot that can track the energy signature of the book. Upon tracking the Necromech robots, Lion-O, Tygra, and Panthro discover that they work for a mysterious figure named Soul Sever. Tracking down the Soul Sever, an alien being converted into a cyborg before killing his benefactors due to their disapproval of his intentions, Lion-O learns that he plans to use the power of the Book of Omens in order to perfectly bind the souls of his deceased wife and children into robotic bodies. Though he wanted the three Cats to leave his domain, Tigra's attempt to steal the book back convinces the Soul Server to use them as test subjects. Though Flicker is damaged by Soul Sever after freeing Lion-O and Panthro, Tygra was not as fortunate as his soul animates a robot body. However, the metallic creature goes berserk as it use surrounding metals to upgrade itself and consumes the souls of Soul Sever's family from the pods just to continue to function. Realizing what he done, Soul Sever states that a powerful charge equal to the Book of Omens can short circuit the robot and restore Tygra's soul to his body yet expresses being reluctant as his family have no where to return to. But after Lion-O tells the Soul Sever that letting his family go is the only thing he can do for them, he lets Flicker use a GigaSpark. The plan works and Tygra returns to his body while the souls of Soul Sever's family pass on. After seeing how Flicker suffered for causing the surge which saved Tygra, Lion-O remarks on how technology's use is dependent on the users and their use. The Cats retrieve their book and find a potential means to reach the second stone. As for the grieving Soul Sever (who was flabbergasted by Flicker's sacrifice), he wonders if it had a soul as the small machine restarts.

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