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    Tuesday, 16 October 2012

    Thundercats Episode 18 In Hindi


    While Tygra and Lion-O continue their search for a path, the remaining team remains in the Thundertank at the bottom of the mountains. Bored and hungry, Wilykit and Wilykat whined about not having food before Panthro has enough of it and decides for the kittens to learn about survival. Deciding to join in, Cheetara suggests a boys vs girls match: Wilykit teamed up with Cheetara while Wilykat teamed up with Panthro in a hunt for a meal. Panthro attempted to teach Wilykat about tracking and use of traps with a male Chib-Chib as their target, but Wilykat couldn't bear the idea of killing another animal and helped the Chib-Chib to run free. Meanwhile, Cheetara shows Wilykit about masking their scents in attempt to kill a female Chib-Chib but Wilykit also ruined the hunt as she couldn't kill as well. Seeing that drastic measures are needed, Panthro and Cheetara decide to have the twins hunt on their own and forbidden to return to the Thundertank until they have food. In a flash-back scene, it's revealed that the kittens are the eldest of four children. Their father was a ambitious farmer that died in a tornado and it resulted their mother to make ends meet. Inspired by their late father's tale of a city of great riches, Eldara, the two decided to leave their home to search for it. Wilykat believe that their leaving would allow their mother to focus more on herself and their younger siblings until they return from finding Eldara with enough riches to set their family for life. However, their search lead them to starvation in Thundera's slums and they quickly learned that survival would mean compromising their ethics and becoming thieves. Back in the forest, finding the male Chin-Chib, the twins eventually relented to the idea of killing him out of survival until they realized the female Chib-Chib Wilykit saved is the other's mate and has two baby Chib-Chibs. As the two decide not to go through with destroying the family, a boar-like predator called a Comolbur arrived and attacks the Chib-Chibs. Unwilling to let the Chib-Chib family die, the kittens successfully distracted and tied up the Comolbur. Grateful for their help, the Chib-Chibs lead the twins to a trove of fruit. Successful in getting food, the kittens victoriously returned with sweet bounty and Panthro believes the two have potential to survive on their own.

    Click here to watch the episode
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