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    Monday, 8 October 2012

    Thundercats Episode 17 in Hindi


    In a cold mountainous region, Lion-O and Tygra are in search of a new route. Following on Tygra's lead for a shortcut, the duo comes across a cave which accidentally leads them to the lost Tiger Clan. The tigers lead them to the tiger leader, Javan (Tygra's biological father). Upon meeting Javan, he explained their descendants, the tigers, continued to side with Mumm-Ra after the rebellion and were exiled by the other cats because of it; they prospered in their secluded society. The tigers were curious to know how Tygra became a prince among Lions and Tygra briefly explained his adoption into the Thunderian royal family; Tygra wanted answers for being sent away. Javan couldn't explain himself and merely said it was for his own protection (a cowardly and unbelievable decision by Tygra's stand) and the duo was suggested to leave before danger comes. Moments later, they were attacked by shadow creatures. After surviving the fight, Tygra had a better impression of his father and decided to catch up between father and son. Lion-O later tells Tygra that he couldn't find the tracks of the shadow monsters and that the tigers oddly aren't defending themselves. Tygra dismisses Lion-O's suspicions and considers it as a negative reaction and not being happy for him. Following his intuition, Lion-O uses sight beyond sight and discovers that the shadow creatures are the Tigers. Javan arrives and explains there was a infectious epidemic and that they sought aid from the Ancient Spirits for aid. The spirits agreed to save the tigers in exchange for Tygra's life as he would grow up to oppose them. Unfortunately, Javan couldn't bring himself to kill Tygra and sent baby Tygra away in a balloon. This resulted in the Ancient Spirits placing a curse on the Tiger Clan until Tygra was sacrificed. Javan tells Lion-O to take Tygra and leave before some of the other Tigers attempt to kill Tygra. Meanwhile, some of the Tigers led by Caspin decided to break the curse before the sun sets. To save Tygra, Javan makes up an excuse to anger Tygra, claiming he wasn't worthy to tiger society and being his successor. Successfully angered, Tygra is prepared to leave when the rouge tiger group comes after Tygra. Javan comes to Tygra's aid and kills Caspin in self-defense stating that it didn't have to be this way. Before dying, Caspin stated that it had to be this way since it was Javan's fault that the enitre Tiger Clan was cursed. Not long, the tigers began to change into the shadow monsters again and Javin confesses that his actions have "turned him into a monster" as he and the other Tigers transformed again and attempt to kill the duo. Lion-O and Tygra end up fighting the shadow monsters. In his shadow monster form, Javan grabbed Tygra and attempts to choke him to death. Tygra understood the measure his father gave up for him and forgives him and his humility ends up breaking the curse, causing the shadow monsters to regress back to the Tigers. Javin states to Tygra that the Tigers are neither dead or alive, something in between. Javan states that they can now go home as he and the Tigers fade away, but Javan leaves his whip behind for Tygra before disappearing. Gaining and losing his clan in a day, Tygra wonders if he'll keep losing those he cares about. Lion-O tells Tygra that he won't lose him and that they still must find a shortcut through the mountains. Absent: Snarf, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro, and Cheetara

    Click here to watch the episode
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