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    Friday, 12 October 2012

    Thundercats Episode 16 In Hindi


    The surviving ThunderCats made it to Mumm-Ra’s temple (the original spacecraft that crash-landed on Third Earth). Half-completed his trials in the spirit world, Lion-O ends up in a test of strength against "Panthro," where he must knock Panthro out of the ring before the sands within the hourglass run out. Lion-O couldn't ring-out Panthro until he remembers that he is the king and simply orders Panthro out of the ring. Panthro states to Lion-O that his greatest strength is being a leader. Meanwhile, the ThunderCats quietly took out the external Lizard guards and Panthro help gain entry to the ship. A bad infiltration move, the alarm goes off and alerts the internal Lizard guards. Tygra was unable to make a decision with incoming company, but Wilykit quickly charms the guards with her ocarina enough for the ThunderCats to get by. The guards forgotten the intrusion and thought it was a false alarm. In his final trial, Lion-O ends up going up against "Tygra" (in the same arena where he previously lost to Tygra) in order to get the final key and regain his life. Lion-O realizes it's a test of his control over his emotions and was easily angered by the farce Tygra. Meanwhile, the ThunderCats moves through the ventilation shafts and sees Mumm-Ra attempting to extract the Eye of Thundera from the Sword of Omens with a spell with his Lizard Priests. Despite opposition of his decision, Tygra decides to attack in attempt to retrieve the Sword of Omens. Mumm-Ra uses a powerful electrical attack that neutralizes all the ThunderCats and had them detained. In the spirit world, Jaga tells Lion-O that he failed and that Mumm-Ra has obtained the Sword of Omens and captured the ThunderCats. Desperate to save his comrades, Lion-O offers his soul to Jaga as a sacrifice to return him to the living. Jaga tells him that the Soul Stone will return him to his body until sunrise, where his soul will be sent to Limbo for all eternity afterwards. When Jaga asks if he understands the consequences of returning to his body, Lion-O accepts the deal. He awakens under water and makes his way to the surface. Lion-O then grabs onto a bird in order to get up the cliff. Spotting the drawings left by Wilykit, Lion-O follows her trail until he reaches to Mumm-Ra's temple. Within the holding cells, Tygra is unsure of the next move and regrets questioning Lion-O's decisions as they always worked out. While others are in doubt, Wilykit still thinks that Lion-O will come for them. Sometime later, Lion-O infiltrates Mumm-Ra's temple, where he finds Slithe, Kaynar, and Addicus. Lion-O manages to trick them into one of the cells and proceeds to free the other ThunderCats. The group was happy for his return, but also wondered how he survived; there wasn't time to explain and he focused them to reclaim the Sword of Omens. Mumm-Ra makes a second attempt to remove the Eye of Thundera out of the Sword of Omens until Panthro blows down the door. While the other ThunderCats fight the Lizard soldiers, Mumm-Ra transforms and battles Lion-O, who uses the Spirit Stone's power to block Mumm-Ra's attacks. Lion-O successfully reclaims the Sword of Omens and uses its beam attack to weaken Mumm-Ra. The ThunderCats then escapes from Mumm-Ra's ship to a safe distance. As the sun begins to rise, Lion-O tells everyone that he must go. Baffled to his words, the ThunderCats wanted answers as Jaga's spirit appears to explain that Lion-O had paid the ultimate price. Jaga explains that the trials were to test Lion-O's skills and heart. Thus, Lion-O is given a second chance in life to lead the ThunderCats to victory. Still confused over what's happening, Lion-O begins to fill the group about his trials, starting from his death.

    Click here to watch the episode
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