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    Friday, 12 October 2012

    Thundercats Episode 15 (The Trials of Lion-O Part 1) In Hindi


    At a mountainous region, Lion-O seeks guidance from the Book of Omens for their next potential course: up. The ThunderCats make their way to the upper parts of the mountain, but the cats either opposed or share their doubts against Lion-O's judgement as their course easily puts them in danger; Lion-O is angered by the mutual doubts and disrespect of his group. Lion-O then had the group take a break after discovering some nearby Candy-Fruit; the group is ambushed by Slithe, Kaynar, Addicus, and the Lizard Army. The ambush worked, the ThunderCats are defeated. Lion-O attempts to fight back, but Lion-O lost both the Sword of Omens and the gauntlet (containing the Spirit Stone) after Slithe threatened to have Addicus hurt WilyKit. Lion-O manages to grab back his gauntlet, but Kaynar knocks him off the mountain and into the river. Unwilling to return empty-handed of the gauntlet to Mumm-Ra, Slithe commands his group to search and recover Lion-O's body while holding the ThunderCats captive. Trapped under the river by rubble, Lion-O suffocates, but the Spirit Stone activates to save him. Lion-O finds himself in the spirit realm, where Jaga tells him that he is dead; thanks to the spirit stone, he has the opportunity to be resurrected once he completes a set of tests designed to help him overcome his weaknesses. The first test takes place in a simulated slums of Thundera. A farce "WilyKit" and "WilyKat" appears before him, telling him he can pass to the next level by getting their key. The twins multiplied false clones of themselves and Lion-O has to figure out which are the "real" ones for him to retrieve the key. Lion-O eventually figures out to use on his other senses (mainly smell) than rely on his eyes to track down the "real" twins and successfully graduates to the next test. In the next test, a farce "Cheetara" tells Lion-O it's a race to the center of a grand labyrinth to gain the next key. Lion-O thinks the arrangement is unfair as Cheetara's speed would win, but she gives Lion-O a head start. Eventually, Lion-O takes inspiration after flight and takes a giant bird to help him cut through the maze and passed again. Back in the living world, the ThunderCats are shackled and being transported to Mumm-Ra. With Lion-O dead, Tygra is the new king and the group looks to him for survival ideas. Tygra later distracts the generals, while they beat him, the twins picked free of their bonds and helped the ThunderCats escape. At a disadvantage, Slithe's group retreats, but with the Sword of Omens in their possession; Tygra vows to get the Sword of Omens back.

    Click here to watch the episode
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